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Montex Shipyard has implemented an integrated quality assurance system. All procedures, based on DNV (Det Norske Veritas) guidelines and ship owner’s requirements, are strictly observed at each stage of production. Procedure compliance and the quality of our structure parts are verified by the representatives of the Classification Society and the Kleven Maritime AS. Our building capabilities are further enhanced by our modern erection site located in Gdańsk, Poland (the Western Quay in the Northern Basin of the Northern Port).


The site is equipped with jigs and extendable slipways, allowing large sections, or even entire ships, to be slipped onto a pontoon placed by the quay.


In addition, the erection site features wheeled and truck-mounted cranes. Access to a 113-meter long quay allows us to use the MAJA 330T floating crane, which can be utilized for handling and transport of high molecular weight structure.


In addition to heavy machinery, we also have a fully-equipped tool shop with professional welding devices and a warehouse with adjacent yard for shipbuilding and metallurgy-related purposes.


The constantly upgraded equipment and highly qualified staff guarantee that we can meet even the most demanding quality requirements of our business partners.

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