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Montex Shipyard provides solutions related to building vessels and steel structures.


  • hull works
  • welding and fitting of complex steel structure parts,
  • fitting of pipe systems and actuator-based hydraulics for ships
  • aluminum works related to shipbuilding
  • wiring works related to shipbuilding
  • fitting works
  • building of offshore structures (including structures used for wind power plants)
  • reinforced concrete works (and hydrotechnical works)


Thanks to modern machinery resources and experienced staff, Montex Shipyard can provide top-quality services tailored to each customer’s needs. Our advantages include timely order completion, competitive prices, high quality in comply with ship owner’s standards and expectations, promptness and readiness to cooperate under any circumstances.


We are strongly success-oriented and always open to new challenges set by our partners every day.
Montex Shipyard makes every effort to ensure long-term relationships with customers, with whom we share opinions and experience. Reliability and trust are key for us, as we understand that our success depends on your success.

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80-702 Gdańsk, ul. Przetoczna 43


80-702 Gdańsk, ul. Przetoczna 43

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80-702 Gdańsk, Przetoczna 43

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